Alstrom Point

The Path Less Traveled

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Looking for a scenic 4×4 day trip to view Lake Powell or maybe an overnight camping Tour? On this 4×4 trip, take a tour of Glen Canyon to Alstrom Point’s scenic overlook. Alstrom point is a place valued dearly by those who are familiar with the views of Glen Canyon. Hoodoos and other geologic features along the route are a feast for the eyes, even before reaching the main course of Alstrom Point. And the best part – because this place is so remote, the crowds are missing.

In the right conditions, Lake Powell’s stunning Alstrom Point overlook can be reached in a 2WD vehicle. But before you head on down the road and off the beaten path, you should know that if you’re in rental car, you’ll void your insurance the minute your tires part with the pavement. If you get in an accident, you’ll be on the hook for the damage. What’s more, should you encounter car trouble, or heaven forbid, get lost, you’ll then have to contend with spotty cell phone reception, and possibly be forced to camp overnight in potentially dangerous conditions. 

If all that sounds like more adventure than you bargained for, there is a way to see Alstrom Point without taking such risks: with a guided tour.

A guided tour will get you to Alstrom Point in safety and comfort. Equipped with 4WD vehicles ready to power through thick mud, clay, and sand, and spider-crawl over ruts and boulders, licensed tour companies have what it takes to show you the wonders of Glen Canyon and the Grand Staircase in grand style. Along the way, you’ll see sights such as:

  • Moon-like “badlands”
  • Balanced rock formations
  • Rugged side canyons
  • Gravity-defying hoodoos

Upon arrival at Alstrom Point, the most incredible vista of Lake Powell is literally laid at your feet. As you gaze upon the beauty and majesty before you, your guide will point out the formations in the distance, such as:

  • Gunsight Butte
  • Padre Bay
  • Tower Butte
  • Navajo Mountain
  • Castle Rock
  • Kaiparowitz Plateau
  • Gregory Butte
  • …and much more!

Guided ground tours to Alstrom Point typically take 4-5 hours. Sunrise and sunset tours are the most popular as these are optimal times for photography. If you wish to camp overnight at Alstrom Point, this can also be accomplished by prior arrangement. Whether you tour for the day, or overnight, you will be responsible for providing your own food, drinks, and camping equipment. Since there are no restroom facilities at Alstrom Point, day visitors will need to use facilities prior to departure. Overnight visitors will need to provide camping toilets or other means of disposing of waste in a sanitary fashion.

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